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Critter Sitters Encourages Environmental Pet Owners
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,Ecoscoopers is a professional pet waste removal service in
Kansas City, Lawrence, and Topeka. We provide routine
(weekly, or more often) and one-time services to remove pet
waste from residential lawns and commercial properties. We’
re professional “pooper scoopers.” Our eco-friendly,
convenient service reduces the hassle of cleaning up pet
waste, and protects your family and the environment from
harmful bacteria and disease.

Phone - 913-687-3274 or 844-POOP-FREE
  • K9 waste is Toxic if not disposed of properly.
  • Waterways are protected by composting.
  • Lawns are not fertilized by pet waste.
  • Green cities turn pet waste into fuel.
  • Affordable way to take pride in your home.
  • A clean yard is a happy yard
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