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We are professional pet sitters with an outstanding customer satisfaction and referral rating. That means our future is on display every day — in how we take care of every dog, cat,
horse, bird, fish, and more... You can trust Critter Sitter Connection to take care of your pet, the same way you would yourself.
Franchise Opportunities COMING SOON!
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Stella Flannery
Kansas City, MO
P.O. Box 45371        
Kansas City, MO 64171        
Phone:  (816) 454-8862
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You read it correctly, Critter Sitter Connection is in the process of franchising. We have begun the necessary
requirements to allow individuals and entrepreneurs, interested in owning a pet sitting business, the ability to do
so. No matter the city or state. After 24+ years of successful business in and around Kansas City, we felt it was
time to go with the flow of our success. Several people had contacted us of late, asking what opportunities may
be available to them, though they are outside our general operating area. Our response at the time, was "none"
but after some serious thinking and planning, we feel now is the best possible time, and this is our best option
for continued growth.  

There will be much more information about our Franchise Opportunities coming in the near future. If you are
interested in learning more, have questions, or would like to submit your name for possible consideration for a
new Critter Sitter Connection franchise, please fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you soon.
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