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Professional Pet Sitters
Joining our Professional Network isn't Easy.  
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We are professional pet sitters with an outstanding customer satisfaction and referral rating. That means our future is on display every day — in how we take care of every dog, cat,
horse, bird, fish, and more... You can trust Critter Sitter Connection to take care of your pet, the same way you would yourself.
Candidates for membership in our network must pass a stringent
background check and be able to provide long standing references in the
field of pet care as well as volunteer experience with local shelters or rescue
groups.  We are set apart from other companies by our experience and the
quality of the care we provide.  There is no substitute for our reliability,
which is dependent on our ability to work together in providing professional
and consistent care.  Our members must be able to work independently with
a high level of integrity while communicating effectively with all team
members and clients in a certain area.  Having a sense of family values,
respect for all varieties of family values, respect for privacy, and an
appreciation for the uniqueness of each family is of the utmost importance
as our profession places us in the homes of every type of person you can
imagine.  Pet people are notoriously particular in their requests and
nuances, so humility and a sense of humor are also required along with an
ability to think on your feet and respond respectfully to diversity and
personal preferences for how each beloved pet is cared for.  If you know for
certain that you have all of these traits and the experience and references
to back it up; then I want to hear from you.  Please email me at with a resume and references and fill out our
Lees Summit
Blue Springs
South KC
Sitters Needed in
the following Areas
By Teaming Up With Critter Sitters, you benefit in the following ways:

1.        Professional Memberships/Associations
a.        Member of the Kansas City BBB
b.        Member of Pet Sitters International

2.        Administrative Services
a.        All client information is kept in a secure, updated database
b.        Legal and Professional Client/Sitter Contracts
c.        Affordable  bonding and liability insurance with coverage that includes clients’ pets
d.        Client calls answered/returned  M-F 9am-5pm (usually 24/7)
e.        Filtered calls - you are contacted by email/text with new clients in your area only

3.        Web Services
a.        Professional email: (you)
b.        Your profile online at and
c.        Existing and New Clients make reservations and request your services online
d.        Facebook groups for business, pet CPR, and business building.

4.        Marketing Services
a.        Promotional Mailings to Clients/Businesses
b.        Promotional Material at a discounted rate (often free)
c.        Mobile Kiosk for Demos & Events
d.        Use of our Logo/Artwork with your name, rates, and services
e.        Benefit from our extensive advertising campaigns
f.         Face to Face marketing and promotions at local pet events
g.        Option to join the Critter Sitter's team in promoting "Send Out Cards"
h.        Option to join the Critter Sitter Connection Travel Team

5.          Education: Pet Tech Pet CPR classes are discounted for team members
6.          Tax benefits and write offs for business owners available to your home/family.