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Stella Flannery
Kansas City, MO
P.O. Box 45371        
Kansas City, MO 64171        
Phone:  (816) 454-8862
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Featured in the Kansas City Star in 2009, Shirley says, "I have had a
passion for animals all of my life. Born and raised on a dairy farm in
Berne, Minnesota, I was always around a lot of animals. For 14 years I
devoted many hours to volunteer work with my pet therapy dogs, Sandy
and Shadow, through Pets for Life and Platte County Pet Power. This has
been a wonderful way to give back to the community. Witnessing the way
the animals touch people's lives on these visits is awesome and very
rewarding. This past year I lost Sandy and Shadow due to health issues.
Sandy and Shadow were angels, in a sense, and will be remembered by
the many lives they touched. I am proud of our golden pup, Wally, who
graduated and will continue with pet therapy work where Sandy and
Shadow left off. For the past 12 years I have enjoyed working for Critter
Sitters providing the best possible care for my clients' pets in the comfort
of their own homes. I think of these pets as an extension of my own
Shadow, my first Therapy
Congratulations Wally on
passing your pet therapy
training class!
Smudge, our
Professional Pet Sitters
Celebrating your pets for over 30 years! Thank You Kansas City!