Your Destiny is Calling...
Walk or Fly; Live Your Dreams in 2016!

Kansas City's leading in-home pet sitting network is teaming with excitement!  Now we are able to provide insider access to the travel
industry by partnering with the first home based travel company,
Inteletravel.  I can not stress enough the importance of this ground floor
opportunity to provide access to unbelievable travel deals, and travel like a VIP everywhere you go, with all the major vendors, no matter
what you are doing.  The benefits to the business are numerous and covered in the video below; however, you can benefit from
Inteletravel's 25 years in the travel business even if you do not choose to sign up.

It is simple, effective, and saves you money on any and all travel, rental cars, hotels, concert tickets, and much more.

This model fits perfectly with professionals in our industry.  Please visit my Facebook Page or click on any of the above pictures or links
to be directed to our online booking engine.  It works exactly like any other online booking agent; only you get the absolute guarantee of
the lowest price.  

booking engine will ask you for an email and phone number.  Allow me to assure you that I do not spam you with offers, newsletters,
or send you anything at all other than a welcome email or phone call to let you know that I am connected and available to assist you.  
Your information will never be used for marketing or sales calls, will never be sold or given to anyone.  I like my privacy respected and I
respect yours.

We are happy to offer special pet sitting packages to our clients who use our booking engine or taxi service; especially when flying into
our out of Kansas City International Airport.  Reservations must be made in advance for personalized concierge services.

Stella Dreamwalker