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Beetles, Mealworms, Mice; the answer is Yes.   
Live Feeding
Pet Sitting Services vary greatly depending on your families needs.  We know
there is a broad spectrum of pet owners and that in addition to the differences
in each pet owner, each breed has specific tendencies, troubles, practices, and
preferences.  Your sitter will go over your routine with you in detail and prices
will vary according to the services provided.  Overnight stays and live in
situations can also be arranged for pets who require ongoing care.  
Pet Sitting
Pet Taxi         
Pet Taxi to or from KCI only $65 + $1/mile
Pet Taxi to or from Kansas City to another city  $2/mi.
Pet Taxi within Kansas City $10 + $1/mile
Description of Service
Your insured and bonded pet sitter will come to your home a week prior to your trip/reservation. The "Get
Acquainted Visit" lasts approximately 30 minutes and is an opportunity to get to know your sitter, introduce her or
him to your pets, outline the number of visits and services you are requesting, and give instructions on how you
would like her or him to care for your home while you are away. Your reliable and experienced pet sitter will then
make regularly scheduled visits until you call confirming you're home.
Prices vary greatly.
contact us for
accurate pricing
Prices vary greatly.
contact us for
accurate pricing
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Call 1-816-454-8862 for a FREE pet-sitting consultation.
We are professional pet sitters with an outstanding customer satisfaction and referral rating. That means our future is on display every day — in how we take care of every dog, cat,
horse, bird, fish, and more... You can trust Critter Sitter Connection to take care of your pet, the same way you would yourself.
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Phone:  (816) 454-8862
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