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Just a few Testimonials
You are amazing!

"Our animals told our animal
communicator that Stella did a great
job. Moses was amused that she was
trying so hard to figure out what he
wanted.  Princess was trying to tell
you she wanted a sunny spot to lay."
-Schleis Family
Amanda Gargesh - Highly recommended!
As a microelectronics engineer who visits family on the east coast and travels on business, sometimes with
little notice, I was looking for a professional dog sitter to come into my home and care for two small dogs.  Yes, I
was nervous the first time Amanda cared for my dogs, but that was 10 years ago.  Amanda has been taking care
of them ever since!  

She provides dependable care, fresh water and food.  On my last trip, Amanda put Zymox drops in Abby's ears
and gave Leo a bath in his special medicated shampoo.  

I trust Amanda and confidently recommend her to others.

Louisa P.
Overland Park

Thank You Shirley Schowe from Melissa Green  
I've been remiss in not writing to you immediately upon my return from my month-long vacation to Mexico--many
apologies.  However the important thing is that I would not have been able to take advantage of this special
opportunity without Shirley Schowe's help, assistance and financial consideration.

Smokey seemed very content upon my return and enjoyed all the attention he received.  Shirley always does
such a great job with him and being able to have that consistency made a huge difference.

Please extend my appreciation to Shirley and know that you have a very special employee/representative for your

Many thanks,
Melissa Green

Judy Cope says, "I've Relied on Your Company for Years"  
Thank you.  We've relied on your company for almost 20 years, and have never been disappointed.


Thank you Ginny  
Ginny, I wanted to send you a note to tell you how much I appreciate you taking such good care of Paige and
Logan this weekend.  I think the note, pictures, and toy you left were very thoughtful.  I finally have pictures of
Logan to put up and I put their report card on the refrigerator, I'm so proud!!  Paigey loves the toy, it has a good
squeaker. :)  

I cannot believe the only thing I had to do to get the house in order was to throw the blankets in the washer!  What
a relief to come home to a clean orderly house and happy healthy dogs!

We go on several trips a year so I hope that the next time we need someone for them you are available...thank
you again for watching them, they are my most precious possessions and it was so nice to enjoy my vacation
knowing they were so well taken care of.  

Very Sincerely,

Shirley is our angel  
We have entrusted Shirley Schowe with the care of our furry babies Pepper, Braveheart and Floyd for almost
three years now. I cannot put into words how happy I am with the level of care that Shirley provides in addition to
the reassurance I feel when we are away. I often tell Shirley she is our angel because she has become such a
blessing to us. She visits the "kids" on a weekly basis and when we are on vacation and they love their Auntie
Shirley. I highly recommend Shirley to anyone who wants the best of care for their furry babies, as well as a
reliable service provider. We appreciate Shirley's TLC and Pepper, Braveheart and Floyd are so very lucky to have
her as their sitter.

Kim and Johnny Tabales
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horse, bird, fish, and more... You can trust Critter Sitter Connection to take care of your pet, the same way you would yourself.
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